My Very First Uhmmm – London Escorts


When I first started writing this blog for London Escorts as well as I am an Escort girl for the said Agency from, I knew that this day would come. I’ve delayed it and I’ve cowered from it in the corner, but the time has come for me to finally lose my anal virginity.


I won’t lie – after I ordered my “beginner’s set” of butt plugs online, I cleared my search history. There’s just something that nobody will ever understand in the heterosexual male psyche that is morbidly curious about anal play but would rather die than admit to it. I was nervous about the delivery, and I hovered at the door all morning on delivery day to make sure that none of the neighbors would see. I was shocked to discover that the product came in such a plain package, and I signed for it and withdrew into my house.


I sat with my box all day, staring at it like it would bite me when I opened it. Once my fingernails were chewed to the quick and my anticipation finally began to outweigh my abject terror, I finally opened it. It didn’t bite me, and as yet I haven’t found any teeth. The toys themselves were all identical (the beginner’s set comes in three different sizes; I think the idea is to gradually increase the size so you can uh… open up) except for their diameters, and they also varied slightly in length. I was surprised that they were really smooth and almost soft-feeling.


Well I think it’s about time I cut to the chase. I was nervous and a little sick, but I finally took the bull by the horns and lubed up.


It hurt. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but I think in retrospect that I might have rushed it a bit in my eagerness to be over with it. After my eyes stopped watering, I was left with the most unusual sensation I’ve ever felt. On one hand, my body was in shock at the feeling of something going up and not down, and I was fighting the urge to pull it out every second. But I persevered, crying at the loss of my man dignity, and gradually (VERY gradually) the weirdness, pain and overall embarrassment wore off. And here’s the truth: It. Felt. Amazing. It’s true, it was one of the most profound sexual experiences I’ve had in my life- no lie.


So there you have it. A straight girl really CAN enjoy having something inserted into his nether regions, and I feel like I’ve opened a whole new vista of sexual exploration for myself. Watch this space, because there’s going to be a whole lot more where this came from.

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